Water Based Screen Printing Edinburgh

Welcome to Print Syndicate – Edinburgh’s top independent screen printers.

Whether you are based locally here in Edinburgh, or within the wider UK area, we are always on hand to offer our professional advice, recommendations and help with your project, whatever the print job may be.

We also ship worldwide, and currently have a large customer base throughout Europe, so even if you’re based further afield, we are always delighted to take on new print runs and get involved with new designs.

We Offer Organic Water Based Screen Printing Edinburgh & UK Wide

Here at Print Syndicate, we are fully aware of our social responsibility to screen print as ethically as possible wherever we can. We do our best to provide our customers with the widest selection of options that we can, from the types of inks we use to the specific garments we use, and to encourage ethical decisions as much as we can.

Water based inks are generally much more environmentally friendly than the more commonly used plasticol inks. Plasticol inks are solvent based, containing many chemicals and other toxic ingredients that can be hugely harmful to the environment.

In addition to our various different ink options, we also provide a huge range of garment options. Our ethical garments include fabrics which are 100% organic, as well as garments made from recycled materials, and clothing made from bamboo.

The most popular ethical clothing brands that we stock are Anvil, Westford Mill and Continental Clothing. The Earth Positive range that we stock is 100% climate neutral.

We Can Provide Vegan Water Based Screen Printing Edinburgh & UK Wide

Water based inks are generally more environmentally friendly than the solvent based plastisol inks, and they are also vegan – meaning that no animal products or derivatives were used to make them.

Additionally, screens which have been coated in water based inks can be cleaned using water, rather than using cleaning solvents. This means that there are no harmful chemicals being dumped into the local water & drainage systems, which ultimately means that no toxic waste is pumped into local eco systems where it would have a negative effect on any plant life or wildlife.

We Provide The Best Quality Water Based Screen Printing Edinburgh Has To Offer!

As a small independent business, we understand the importance of every single order that we receive, whatever the print, design or product or event may be. We treat every order with the same attention to detail and enthusiasm, whether it be for 300 t-shirt or 30 t-shirts, nothing leaves our screen printing studio without being checked over to ensure that each and every print is perfect and consistent.

This level of attention to detail is often not the service provided by most large scale commercial printers, or by any of the cheap online custom merchandise websites.

Need More Information On Our Water Based Screen Printing Edinburgh Services?

If you like the sound of the water based screen printing options that we offer, and would like to know more about how we can help you make your print run as environmentally friendly as possible, please send us a message at the following link with a bit of information about your project, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible: Water Based Screen Printing Edinburgh.

For more information on our full garment catalogue, and details of all of our ethical, organic, recycled and bamboo garments, please see our online catalogue here.