Custom T-shirt Printing Leith

Here at Print Syndicate, we offer top quality t-shirt printing and design services.

As well as offering custom t-shirt printing Leith wide, our list of available garments and accessories is huge. We can also print your artwork and designs across various other items of clothing, ranging from hoodies, sweatshirts, vests, tanks, baseball t-shirts, varsity jackets, sleeveless hoodies, performance sports wear and tote bags, to name a few!

Our full garment catalogue can be found via our website at the following link: Interplanetary Print Syndicate Garment Catalogue.

Quick T-shirt Printing Leith & Edinburgh Wide

We are committed to providing swift turn around times for all projects and designs wherever we can. Our baseline turn around time for any specific print job is two weeks from when the order is placed, however in practice we are very often able to complete the entire order much sooner, depending on how busy we are in the studio at any given time.

We are always on hand to provide helpful, professional service and will get your order sent out to you as soon as possible.

Affordable T-shirt Printing Leith Wide

Print Syndicate is a small independent business as opposed to a big corporate chain, and as such we understand how important every individual project and event are, and are committed to working with you to provide the best advice, help and service in terms of your artwork and design needs.

At Print Syndicate we offer very competitive rates and prices, and we are always available to discuss the ins and outs of your specific project to ensure that you get the most out of your garments and designs.

Ethical T-shirt Printing Leith & Edinburgh Wide

As a small, independent, creative business, we are committed to providing ethical options for our customers wherever possible. We can offer a wide range of top quality organic garments that are ethically and sustainably made.

We can also print your artwork and designs with a wide range of ethically made screen printing inks that do not contain the harmful chemicals contained in other brands. Our water based inks are also vegan.

Bulk T-shirt Printing Leith Wide

Our custom built screen printing & design studio is also fully equipped to handle much larger orders. If you are in need of any bulk orders of a particular design for a project or event, we are always more than happy to help.

Send us an email at with your artwork and the details of your order and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the best and quickest way to print your designs.

We can also offer much smaller print runs of your design. Our minimum order quantity for any given job varies depending on how many colours are used, as this effects how many screens are used during the printing process, how much ink is used during the printing process, as well as how long each garment takes to print.

Our minimum order for single colour designs that use 1 screen is 10 garments. The minimum order number for more complicated artwork using 2 or up to 3 colours and screens is 20 garments. Finally, for designs which use 4+ colours (with a maximum of 6 colours) our minimum order number is 50 garments.

Are You In Need Of Quality Custom T-shirt Printing Leith & Edinburgh Side?

If you are in need of quick, affordable, professional quality custom T-shirt printing in the Leith or Edinburgh area please get in touch with us via the following link T-shirt Printing Leith and we would love to discuss your project needs, and ensure that you get the most out of your artwork and designs.