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Organic T-shirt Printing 101: Recommended Garments

Posted by | September 09, 2016 | Screen Printing Tips, Merch | No Comments
Organic T-shirt Printing

This week we bring you part two of our three part blog series on more ethically sourced and printed merch. Part one was all about what to look for when choosing an ethical clothing brand. For this second instalment of our handy guide, we recommend some specific ethical garment models. Here’s a look at our favourite t-shirts and tote bags for the more ethical consumer…

1. EP01 Earth Positive Classic Jersey T-shirt

The Continental Clothing Company are a leading manufacturer of ethical garments, and are particularly well known for their efforts in sourcing and producing sustainable clothing. The Earth Positive range is a really popular choice for organic cotton t-shirts and hoodies.

Organic T-shirt Printing EP01

The EP01 Earth Positive Classic Unisex Jersey T-shirt is made from 100% Combed, Organic Cotton. These t-shirts also come in ladies sizing as well as slim fit versions. The Earth Positive range carries the official climate neutral trademark, as well as being certified by the Fair Wear Foundation. For more info on Continental’s Earth Positive range have a look at their website here: Continental Clothing Earth Positive Collection

2. SA01 Salvage Classic Fit T-shirt

Continental’s SA01 Salvage Classic Fit Unisex T-shirt is made from 100% recycled material consisting of 60% recycled organic cotton from textile production and 40% recycled post-consumer polyester from plastic bottles. These tees are also available in ladies sizing. Check them out below:

Organic T-shirt Printing SA01

The Continental Clothing Salvage range carries the Global Recycle Standard trademark and is also certified by the Fair Wear Foundation. For a full look at the Salvage range check out the following link: Continental Clothing Salvage Range

3. FS01 Fair Share Unisex T-shirt

The FS01 Fair Share Unisex T-shirt is part of Continental Clothing’s newest line of garments. They are made from 100% combed, organic Fairtrade cotton. Check em’ out:

Organic T-shirt Print FS01

The Continental Fair Share tees carry the Global Organic Textile Standard trademark as well as the official Fair-trade mark, and are again certified by the Fair Wear Foundation. These tees also come in ladies sizing. For a closer look at the Fair Share collection check them out here: Continental Clothing Fair Share Collection

4. EP75 Earth Positive Organic Fashion Tote

Tote bags are a big seller here at Print Syndicate and the EP75 Earth Positive Organic Fashion Tote is one of our top picks, check them out here:

Organic T-shirt Printing EP75

These tote bags are made from 100% organically grown cotton and are available in a wide range of colours. At 170g they are a high quality and durable option. You can have a look at these here further here: Earth Positive Tote Bags

5. W671 Westford Mill Fairtrade Cotton Camden Shopper

And lastly – another Fair-trade option! Westward Mill’s Fairtrade Cotton Camden Shopper is another one of our top picks. Here they are:

Organic T-shirt Printing W671

The Westward Mill Fair Trade Camden Shopper is made from 100% certified Fair trade organic cotton. These guys come in black, natural and natural/black and are super heavy fabric at 407gsm. For a closer look check them out here: Westford Mill Fairtrade Totes

Organic T-shirt Printing

If you liked this post but missed part one of our ethical merch series, you can still have a read via the Print Syndicate blog at the following link: Organic T-shirt Printing 101: Choosing An Ethical Clothing Brand. Next week we will be taking a look at the actual screen printing process, and the steps that can be taken to make this more environmentally friendly.

If you like the sound of some of these more ethical garment options that we have available then please drop us a line at the following link, and we would be delighted to discuss your project: Organic T-shirt Printing Services.