Online T-shirt Printing

Print Syndicate is a UK based independent screen printing and design studio. We have been operating out of our custom built screen printing facility in central Edinburgh since 2014, and we now also operate online and ship worldwide – so no matter where you are, and no matter what your project, we are always on hand to offer our professional advice and recommendations to ensure that you always get the most out of your garments.

We Provide Affordable Online T-shirt Printing

Here at Print Syndicate, we are a small independent business, and as such we understand the importance of having a budget, particularly when trying to get your project, brand or organisation off the ground.

We are committed to ensuring that you always get the most out of your merchandise and can often suggest more economical ways of printing your designs or artwork. We can offer to reduce the number of colours needed to print your designs, which means that fewer silk screens are needed, as well as less ink and manual labour during the printing process, which will ultimately make your print job cheaper and more affordable. For example – a six colour logo will use much more ink, labour and time to produce than a single colour logo would use.

We can also suggest different garment options that may work out cheaper for your project. We carry a huge range of garments and clothing options to cater to any event or project, including; t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, zip up hoodies, tank tops, sleeveless hoodies, vests, sports performance wear & tote bags.

We Offer Ethical Online T-shirt Printing Options

Amongst the huge range of garments that we carry, we also have a whole bunch of fantastic ethical and eco friendly clothing. Again, as a small business, we are aware of the social responsibility that we have to try and make as many ethical decisions as we can wherever possible.

We also understand the importance of being able to offer ethical options to our customers wherever we can. Our ethical options range form the types of inks used through to the types of fabric used. The ethical garments we carry include those that are made of 100% organic cotton, as well as recycled fabrics and bamboo fabrics.

Here in the studio, we use both water based inks and plastisol inks. None of the ink brands that we carry at Print Syndicate contain any animal products or derivatives, and are also not tested on animals. This means that all of the screen printing that we do here at Print Syndicate is vegan.

There are a few arguments to suggest that water based inks are more environmentally friendly than the solvent based plastisol inks, so many of our customers wishing to be as ethical as possible request that we print their order using our water based ink range. Again, this is a personal choice, and we do have both options available.

Need More Information On Our Online T-shirt Printing Services?

If you are in need of some top quality custom screen printed t-shirts, hoodies, vests – you name it, and like the sound of our fast and affordable online service and ethical options, please send us a message at the following link and we would love to hear more about your project and designs: Online T-shirt Printing.

If you would like to have a closer look at our full garment range then please visit our garment catalogue here for further details, and examples of the ethical clothing options that we carry.