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Custom Roller Derby Scrimmage Shirts

Posted by | October 26, 2016 | Merch, Case Studies | No Comments
custom roller derby scrimmage shirts

Over the last couple of weeks in the Print Syndicate studio we’ve been screen printing a whole host of custom roller derby scrimmage shirts for some really great teams across Europe. Scrimmage is a huge part of every roller derby league so it’s mega important to have some great scrimmage wear to practice in, and why not rep your team at the same time?! Here’s a closer look at a few recent team wear projects –

Granite City Brawlers Scrimmage Shirts

The Granite City Brawlers recently re-branded from Granite City Brawlermen, and they came to us with an idea for a new logo that we then created. The logo consists of a full colour version and a single colour version. The single colour version is perfect for black and white scrimmage wear so we printed a whole bunch of ace scrimmage shirts for the team. Check them out below:

Roller Derby T-shirt Printing

First up, we have the Brawlers black performance t-shirts with white print. These scrimmage tees feature the single colour Granite City Brawlers logo screen printed on the front, along with name and number personalisation on the back, and number detail on the sleeves.

The Brawlers white performance tees also feature the single colour logo in black, along with name and number personalisation on the back and sleeves. Sticking to simple black and white prints for your scrimmage wear means there is generally less ink coverage keeping the shirts lighter and more breathable, as well as keeping the costs down. It’s hard to go wrong!

Roller Derby T-shirt Printing

Granite City Brawlers are a men’s roller derby league based in Aberdeen – check out their Facebook page for all of their upcoming games and info.

Team Scotland Roller Derby Scrimmage Shirts

Here’s a look at some of the scrimmage vests we recently printed for Team Scotland Roller Derby, the Scottish national women’s roller derby team. Earlier this year we designed the new 2016 Team Scotland logo – this badass Unicorn seemed fitting for these guys, since it’s also the weird and wonderful national animal of Scotland. Check em out:

Roller Derby T-shirt Printing

The Team Scotland scrimmage vests feature a single colour logo screen print on the front, as well as number personalisation on the back. The single colour logo looks slick in both black and white variations. These vests are Sol’s slashed armhole tanks and they are super light, flowy and breathable.

Team Scotland Roller Derby are the national team that represent Scotland at the Women’s Roller Derby World Cup. You can check them out via their Facebook page for all of updates in the run up to the next World Cup in 2017.

Dirty River Roller Grrrls Scrimmage Shirts

Lastly, here’s a few shots of the custom scrimmage shirts we recently printed for our Finnish friends – Dirty River Roller Grrrls! Check them out below:

Roller Derby T-shirt Printing

Dirty River opted for black AWDis Just Cool performance vests with yellow print and name & number personalisation, as well as white vests with turquoise print. The yellow and turquoise detail add a burst of team colours to the vests, while still sticking to the traditional black and white that most roller derby leagues use for scrimmage.


Dirty River Roller Grrrls are based in Turku, Finland, and you can check them out here for details on all of their upcoming games and events. They look pretty pleased with their new shirts!

Dirty River Roller Girls Scrimmage Shirts

If you are a roller derby league in need of some super cool scrimmage shirts, and you like what we did for Granite City Brawlers, Team Scotland Roller Derby and Dirty River Roller Grrrls, then please give us a shout at the following link, and we’ll get back to you ASAP:

 Custom Roller Derby Scrimmage Shirts